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All Vibe No Hype Mixtape

Time for another mixtape. This time I made one with tracks that have a good vibe. Because it’s (almost) summer and I want to celebrate that.

Fun fact: no remixes were used, this is by coincidence and not because the Illuminati asked me to. Really, they didn’t. I never had contact with them. I swear it!

1/ Rain Dance – Justin Jay
2/ Reach Out – Outunder
3/ Rinse & Repeat – Riton & Kah Lo
4/ LFO MY ASS – Smash TV
5/ Unforeseen – Techno Language
6/ Sour Stroke – Borussia
7/ Fantasy – A Digital Needle
8/ Don’t Give Up – Kolombo
9/ Other Day – Onsra
10/ On & On – Alex Gopher
11/ Crushed Ice – MAM
12/ It’s OK – The Supermen Lovers
13/ Zion – DJ DLG
14/ Keep On Movin’ – Niko De Luka
15/ Baroud – The Supermen Lovers


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Polar Sun mixtape: Expedition #4

Mixtape: Expedition #4

It was time for another mixtape with my favorite songs. First of all because #3 was 5 months ago and second of all because there was alot of good music released the past weeks. Since I am aware everyone has their favorite platform to listen to music, I uploaded the mixtape to Youtube, SoundCloud and Mixcloud. For your listening pleasure.


1. Let’s Get Slow feat Benjamin Diamond (Jean Tonique Remix) – Aeroplane
2. Get Down – Le Visiteur
3. Cosmic Strange – James Rod
4. Tonight ft. Shindu (Xinobi remix) – Bluehost
5. I Like Disco (The Emperor Machine Disco To Go Special Dub Mix) – Lonely Boy
6. I Can Feel It – Motor Mouth
7. Mind Games – Justin Jay
8. Near You – Jean Tonique
9. The Show – Affkt & Sutja Gutierrez
10. Papapapa – Mason
11. Animals – Du Tonc
12. Mykonos (Fleet Foxes cover) – Goldroom
13. Balearic Winter (Instrumental mix) – Motor Mouth
14. Cahuanga – Alex Metric
15. Shine On You feat. Esser (Original Mix) – Satin Jackets
16. Make You Do (Kolombo Remix) – Sion



Mixtape: Expedition #4 by Polar Sun on Mixcloud


April 2015 Playlist

April 2015 Playlist

April is over, time for a April 2015 playlist with my favorite songs and tracks. As usual there is music from different genres. Some free music, two remixes, a cover and lots of good tunes.

1. The Swiss – Elousia (Cesare remix)

(Free Download): You remember that Elouisa song by The Swiss? I thought it was amazing. Cesare knows I want my music as I want my fondue… cheesy!

2. Mason – Papapapa

Loulou Records: I am seriously starting to get annoyed by this guy. He releases quality music on a monthly basis. How does he do that!

3. Justin Jay – Mind Games

(Free Download): I am a sucker for that bass.

4. Goldroom – Mykonos (Fleet Foxes cover)

(Free Download): As if the original was not good enough already. Goldroom made a cover of Fleet Foxes most popular song and he aced it!

5. Moullinex – Take A Chance

Discotexas Records: I must be honest, this one had to grow on me. If you like it, make sure you check out the video as well. 😉

6. Club Cheval – From The Basement To The Roof (Oliver remix)

Parlophone France: It has been a while since I really really liked something by Oliver. But they did it again.

7. LA Priest – Party Zute / Learning To Love

Domino Records: It is weird I only discovered this guy now. He was one of the Late of The Pier members. I am curious to his album.

8. Roosevelt – Night Moves

Greco-Roman Records: The best Roosevelt song to this day. The video is really worth your time. 😉

9. Julio Bashmore – Holding On ft. Sam Dew

Broadwalk Records: One for the dancefloor. A good House song like “the old days”

10. Tulioxi – Pioneers of What

Cosmic Sumo Recordings: Found out about this guy through Beatport. You should also check out his remixes for James Rod.

What are the songs/tracks you enjoyed the most this month? Let me know in the comment or via Twitter: @PsPolarSun

March 2015 Playlist

March 2015 Playlist

March is almost over, time for a March 2015 playlist with my favorite songs and tracks. As usual there is music from different genres. Some free music, one remix and lots of good tunes.

Jupiter- Do It: First single of their new upcoming album “Bandana Republic”. Looking forward to hear it!
Du Tonc – Animals: Du Tonc has made another song. As usual, it’s gold!
Motor Mouth – I Can Feel It: Motor Mouth released this gem over at Silhouette Music, check it out!
Lindstrom – Home Tonight: This will be out on the 6th of april, I can barely wait.
Tommy ’86 – Back to Basics: Tommy ’86 made an EP with 8 tracks.
Tommy ’86 – Revival: Some synthwavey madness.
Falcon Punch – Square One: You remember that one sample Justice used? Yeah? Well this guy made an entire song out of it.
Mason & Moonbootica – My Love: I wish I had Mason’s productivity and quality combo.
Bluehost – Tonight ft. Shindu (Xinobi remix): Potentially the best remix of 2015.
Leon Mills – The Wave: My friend Leon Mills made this original and is giving it away for free. Make sure to check it! :)

What are the songs/tracks you enjoyed the most this month? Let me know in the comment or via Twitter: @PsPolarSun

February 2015 playlist

February 2015 Playlist

Another month of 2015 is finished. So, it’s that time of the month again! Indeed, playlist time. I am not putting any genre tags on it. Because although it is all electronical music, Mason makes completely other things than The Emperor Machine. Music is not about comparing artists or songs, it is about enjoying them.

Let me know in the comments, via Facebook or in a tweet what your favorite song was the past month.